We are a team of thinkers and doers on a mission to incorporate recycling and waste management practices into the everyday life of all our stakeholders. For 45 years now, we have been investing in state-of-the-art technologies, infrastructure, and our people’s innovational mindset.

Welcome waste

Circular economy lies in the heart of METECO, and we keep building on our strong sustainability DNA. Global communities are experiencing unprecedented challenges, namely climate change, energy insecurity, economic instability, and food scarcity. Circularity presents an opportunity to reverse the linear process of taking materials from the Earth. Meanwhile, we are diffusing know-how on eliminating pollution, circulating materials at their highest value, and protecting eco-systems and human welfare.

Our new identity

Certainly, the objective of refreshing our corporate identity lies in the modernization of our visual communication. That is, the new identity of METECO aligns the company’s visual communication with our vision of the transition to a zero-waste society.

The green color of the renewed font combined with the tree branch in the first letter “M” highlight our actions within the spectrum of the circular economy. By this, we communicate our need to spread our knowledge and unfold opportunities for economic growth for ourselves, our partners, and society as a whole.

Old METECO logo New METECO logo
Old METECO logo New METECO logo

Zero-waste vision

Since 1977, METECO has provided organizations with circular economy solutions to help shift to closed-loop processes that minimize waste, and contribute to net-zero emissions. Together with our well-trusted network of partners, we accelerate the sustainability transformation and highlight the unique opportunity for doing well by doing good!